A remote, intelligent and integrated healthcare platform with no infrastructure required


Providing reassurance to those who need it and peace of mind for those who care

As the needs and challenges of healthcare continually evolve, so too do the methods of care delivery. Now and in the future, it will focus more on continuous real-time monitoring, preventative care, proactive assistance and early intervention.

curaguard™ is an intelligent and integrated healthcare platform which continuously and remotely monitors and measures an individual’s vital signs, whether they are at home, on the move or in a clinical or residential environment.

It then transmits the information in real-time to a secure cloud server, where immediate and historical monitoring data is made available to authorised users through an innovative and dynamic dashboard on any internet connected device.

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Once upper and lower parameters have been set, curaguard’s continuous monitoring enables the system to react to unexpected changes in an individual’s vital signs, instantly communicating an alert to the appropriate care and support team and enabling the most appropriate action to be taken.


CuraGuard can even send you reminders for many events: hospital and doctors’ appointments or alerting you when medication needs to be taken or a blood sugar test is due, assisting you to remain at home safely and securely.


curaguard™ requires no infrastructure.

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