Full oversight into individual personnel recovery, in real time.


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Ensuring operational fitness is imperative to the success of any Battalion, Brigade or Specialist Unit. curaguard™ helps manage sickness absence and recovery from injury, trauma, or surgery, giving the lead clinician full oversight into individual personnel recovery, in real time.

Clinical team members can make decisions, based on the objective progress of individuals in order to facilitate fitness for operational readiness or deployment.

curaguard™ enables

  • Remote monitoring and collation of unit or regimental data into a central portal
  • Alert setting for outlying clinical metrics
  • Ensure rehabilitation adherence and objectively ascertain progression, even if off-site
  • Rapidly determine trends and fitness and other health and clinical metrics
  • Offer oversight whilst on deployment, monitoring stress and fatigue, further mitigating risk where possible


curaguard™ requires no infrastructure.

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Using the Curaguard platform, our goal is to provide live data that can support your team in ensuring their wellbeing throughout a shift and beyond.