Analyse and plan for fatigue monitoring, stress reduction and absence tracking


Fatigue Monitoring, stress reduction and absence tracking

curaguard’s solution can support the reduction of risk within the staffing population enabling the ability to analyse and plan for fatigue monitoring, stress reduction alongside sickness absence tracking and management.

curaguard™ can be employed across a diverse range of roles within the private sector from commercial divers, haulage drivers and throughout the airline industry. Supporting key services to continue running efficiently and safely. curaguard can be adapted to suit the needs of your workforce considering your mission objectives.

Absense Management

curaguard can support your business to keep staff fit and healthy and ready to work, for the benefit of not only the business, but their wellbeing too.

Fatigue Monitoring

curaguard works by tracking and collating key health, sleep and output data, combining that with integrated fatigue monitoring tools to give team leaders full oversight of their workforce.

Stress Management

curaguard captures key health data, that when combined with our integrated stress assessment tool, gives an overview of the individuals mental and physical wellbeing.