Domiciliary Healthcare

Affordable and reliable medical home monitoring for independent living

curaguard™ at home

Empowering patients to live independently

As the nation gets older, so too does their desire to live independently. curaguard’s mission is to provide an affordable and reliable medical home monitoring service to all those who wish to live an independent life, regardless of their limitations.

Whether our customers are looking to remain safe in a medical emergency such as seizures, stroke, or heart attack, have limited mobility, or are at risk of falling as they age, curaguard™ guarantees to monitor their condition and offer that safety net 24-hours of each and every day.

Should you suffer from a long term or chronic condition, if you are rehabilitating from an injury or recovering from a surgical procedure, if you feel vulnerable at home for any reason, curaguard™ enables you to manage your own healthcare while your care and medical support team looks on ready to act as soon as they are needed.


  • CuraMinder helps to keep you safe, providing reminders for doctor or hospital appointments and letting you know when it is time to take medication
  • Gone will be the fear of suffering a medical emergency, serious fall or injury without anyone else knowing or coming to your aid
  • Your heath can be tracked through the day and night, whatever your location. Many health monitoring services operate only when you are at home: curaguard™ moves with you, protecting you in any location*
  • CuraAlert can be tailored for you, generating alerts specific to your conditions, circumstances and recommendations from health professionals
  • You can allow your GP or family members to have access to CuraGuard’s dynamic dashboard so your health can be monitored over time, enabling early identification of concerns
  • If you need medical assistance, real time vital signs can be transmitted to emergency services on their way to you, ensuring you receive treatment relevant to your immediate condition


curaguard™ requires no infrastructure.

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Why introduce curaguard™ home monitoring service into your business?

For providers of Domiciliary Home care the curaguard™ solution can support your mission to deliver great care within the persons own home. The curaguard™ solution enables your business to monitor the health of your customers whilst providing valuable insights into how better to plan care around each persons individual needs. Data can be presented quickly and efficiently to all Care Inspectors and enables fast and efficient sharing of information to emergency services in the event of health emergencies.
  • curaguard™ improves monitoring, highlighting any deterioration of health and enabling early intervention, and reducing non-elective secondary care admissions and time spent in hospital, thus protecting revenue.
  • curaguard™ promotes integration with other clinical systems, improving coordination between care homes and the NHS and allowing the effective use of specialised community nursing teams.
  • Instant access to data means better informed choice and decision-making
  • The system promotes earlier hospital discharge and reduces delayed transfer of care, giving clinicians and social care professionals the confidence that a patients needs will be met within the home setting.
  • curaguard™ encourages the patient to become involved in the management of their own care plan and enables them to see any improvements or decline in their health over time.
  • curaguard™ can be integrated with any current I.T. System currently in use and therefore minimising set up costs.


Remote patient monitoring by curaguard™

GP & Long-Term Health

With the population growth and an ever-ageing population in the country, care leaders have a need to transform the way that general practice is delivered across the UK.

Community Healthcare

Curaguard offers individual safety, for any member, giving real time insight into health and activity metrics of any individual who requires additional support.