Fatigue Monitoring

Understand, manage and reduce risks associated with fatigue levels


fatigue monitoring tools

In high-risk activities mistakes can often be attributed to fatigue. curaguard™ helps understand, manage and reduce risks associated with this by objectively understanding your workforces fatigue levels, enabling leaders to take informed, effective action to balance risk.

curaguard™ works by tracking and collating key health, sleep and output data, combining that with integrated fatigue monitoring tools to give team leaders full oversight of their workforce.

Individual ownership is also facilitated, with team members understanding their own data and behaviour patterns, that can fluctuate and create variable performance. This information can facilitate behaviour change to optimise both safety and productivity.

curaguard™ enables

  • Risk mitigation, at a local and enterprise level
  • Objective information to support operational decisions
  • Facilitates team member health and wellbeing
  • Creates individual accountability for ‘fitness to work’ improving workplace performance


curaguard™ requires no infrastructure.

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curaguard™ supports the reduction of risk within the staffing population

Absence Management

curaguard can support your business to keep staff fit and healthy and ready to work, for the benefit of not only the business, but their wellbeing too.

Stress Management

curaguard captures key health data, that when combined with our integrated stress assessment tool, gives an overview of the individuals mental and physical wellbeing.