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Physical health management and support for Emergency Services personnel

Monitor Vitals

of staff throughout a shift and beyond

Emergency Services personnel physical health management and support. Using the Curaguard platform, our goal is to provide live data that can support your team in ensuring their wellbeing throughout a shift and beyond.

Utilising current market wearable technology coupled with telephone communications, the Curaguard system is a simple to adopt method to monitor metrics including heart rate, temperature, steps and many others to understand the day-to-day welfare of staff teams out in the field.

Using the Curaguard system can support managers to ensure staff are cared for throughout their shift whether a “standard” day or supporting during a national/regional emergency.

Benefits of using curaguard

  • Automated monitoring and alert setting
  • Easy to view dashboards
  • Smart analysis of data to understand pain points
  • Cost effective set up
  • Ability to understand fitness levels of all registered personnel
  • Ensuring the short and long-term health of registered personnel
  • Requires no specific infrastructure
  • HIPAA compliant


curaguard requires no infrastructure.

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intelligent real-time monitoring


Curaguard helps manage sickness absence and recovery from injury, trauma, or surgery, giving the lead clinician full oversight into individual personnel recovery, in real time.