Community Healthcare

Real-time insight into health and activity metrics of individuals

Individual safety

giving real-time insight into health

curaguard™ offers individual safety, for any member, giving real time insight into health and activity metrics of any individual who requires additional support. With all data being streamed to family members or care givers, any variation in health or activity can be picked up on instantaneously.

curaguard’s alert system notifies those that need to know, immediately, of any adverse event. Helping to ensure the right level of support is offered by the right professional in a timely manner, reducing the severity of health or social care issues. 
  • Early intervention in a health or social care setting
  • Real time monitoring & oversight to loved ones and carers
  • Improvements in safety and security, as well as peace of mind for all


curaguard™ requires no infrastructure.

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Remote patient monitoring by curaguard™

GP & Long-Term Health

With the population growth and an ever-ageing population in the country, care leaders have a need to transform the way that general practice is delivered across the UK.

Domiciliary Healthcare

For providers of Domiciliary home care, the curaguard solution can support your mission to deliver great care within the persons own home