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Sickness absence in the UK accounts for £92bn productivity loss (Mercer 21.2.20) and it is estimated that 38 working days were lost on average by each employee in 2019 due to physical and mental health related absence and presenteeism, according to a new study from Vitality.

With the outbreak of Coronavirus across the UK and the rest of the world, some experts give a stark warning that as much as 20% of the current workforce could be adversely impacted and companies will need to set preparations in place as it will likely gets worse before it gets better.

The median rate of sickness across the sectors can vary along with the size of the business.  Public sector workers average 7.5 days per year off work with illnesses in 2019 compared to 6.4 days for the private sector and 5.7 days for the manufacturing and production sector.

Those companies with greater than a 1000 employees also fared worse with sickness absence with 8 days the average compared to those with less than 100 at 3.8 days.

How curaguard™ can support your business to keep staff fit and healthy and ready to work, for the benefit of not only the business, but their wellbeing too.  With many employees now using wearable devices that can monitor their health and wellbeing, the curaguard™ solution can tap into their data with their permission and the employee can manage their own permissions to access data and when.
  • An app which links to wearable devices or manual information can be entered daily.
  • A dashboard that will support personnel managers to identify and support team members with presenteeism.
  • The ability to work force plan during an outbreak of illness in your business.
  • Fully HIPA compliant.
  • Identifying workplace trends to better keep staff safe and well and productive.
  • Monitor levels of stress and anxiety in employees throughout their working day to plan for workplace health improvements.
  • Create a happy healthy workforce using a wellness scale to promote the business to new employees.


curaguard™ requires no infrastructure.

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curaguard™ supports the reduction of risk within the staffing population

Fatigue Monitoring

curaguard works by tracking and collating key health, sleep and output data, combining that with integrated fatigue monitoring tools to give team leaders full oversight of their workforce.

Stress Management

curaguard captures key health data, that when combined with our integrated stress assessment tool, gives an overview of the individuals mental and physical wellbeing.